Mr. Anthony Njina


2018 – Current Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology, JKUAT Areas of Interest: Data mining, Data analytics, Business intelligence, and IS Audit.

2011 – 2017 : Master of Science in ICT, Policy & Regulation, JKUAT Title of thesis “Dimensions of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Success in Public and Private Universities in Kenya”

2000 – 2005 : Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, First Class Honours Egerton University

1995 –1998 : Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, A – (minus) Muhoho High School

2008   Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)

Njina, A. (2018). Effect of Quality, Use, and Benefits Dimensions on Success of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in Public and Private Universities in Kenya. Digital Repository. JKUAT.

Njina, A., Iravo, M., & Kimwele, M. (2017). Dimensions of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Success in Public and Private Universities in Kenya. International Journal of Recent Research in Interdisciplinary Sciences (IJRRIS), 4(2), 1-13.

Njina, A. I., & Gaceri , M. A. (2021). Identification of Classification Anomalies in Students’ Areas of Specialization using Ensemble Classifiers. International Journal of Computer Techniques (IJCT), 8(4).

 Kitaria, D., Njina, A., Kibaara, D., Mageto, S., & Njuguna, P. (2021). Exploring the challenges and opportunities in adoption of eLearning during COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya. International Journal of Computer Techniques (IJCT).

  • Database administration; MSSQL / MySQL / Maria DB
  • System Administration; Microsoft Windows Servers and Linux Enterprise environments
  • Web application development; Java, PHP, Apache, & MySQL
  • Proficient in ERP Systems implementation, customization, administration, reporting, and ICT audit procedures
  • Proficient in Ms Office and other desktop applications

2009-2012       Continuing Professional Education (CPE), ISACA

2009                Syspro ERP implementation and Administration, Mareba/KeMU

2011                Information Security Management Training, JKUAT

2012                Performance Management Training, KeMU

2018                ISO /IEC 27000: 2013 Information Security Management Systems Training, APEX/ MUST

2019    ISO /IEC 27000: 2015 Information Security Management Systems Training for Auditors, APEX/ MUST

Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST): (December 2017 to 2019)

Tutorial Fellow – Computer Science

·       Participate in seminars and workshops to facilitate dissemination of research findings

·       Participate in established research groups in order to promote research activities within the area of specialization

·       Develop curriculum in line with Commission of University Education standards to ensure delivery of quality university education

·       Prepare course outline in line with the program curriculum to ensure delivery of quality education

·       Teach students in line with set course outline to ensure skills are impacted for quality university education

·       Set drafts exams and marking scheme in line with course outline to ensure coverage of course outline

·       Moderate set draft exams and marking scheme through departmental meetings to assess coverage and quality of the questions to ensure all skills are tested.

·       Evaluate students by giving cats, assignments, projects and end of semester examination in line with university regulations to test the level of knowledge and skills acquisition.

·       Mark exams scripts in line with provided marking scheme to ensure that marks are uniformly and rightfully awarded.

·       Moderate marked exams script at departmental and schools’ level to ensure normal distribution of marks and grade students

·       Assess student on attachment by visiting the companies attached in order to assess progress in terms of adapting industrial skills.

·       Advice students on academic matters by use of scheduled meetings to ensure they adapt and progress well in their respective programs

Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) : (December 2017 to 2019)

Senior Administrative Assistant

·       Develop an automated methodology of preparation of academic transcripts

·       Supervise the administration of University Examinations

·       Process data in the examination department through information collection and analysis to facilitate decision making.

·       Provide administrative support to the department by organizing for the necessary required materials for efficient and effective services.


Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) : (2009 to 2017)

Systems Analyst

·       Supervise and administer the use of university academic applications and ERP system, and support in the maintenance of related ICT infrastructure.

·       Re-engineer user processes to utilize ICT systems more efficiently by giving training where possible, and recommending any necessary changes to operating procedures.

·       Perform interpretation, revision, and implementation of ICT policies, procedures and standards to meet industry standards and to align ICT operations to “best practices”.

·       Maintain link between the system users, support personnel, deployment team, and the system vendors.

·       Provide guidelines on unified data handling and reporting procedures on Admissions, Registration, and Examination processes.

·       Leader of the programmes sub-committee of 2010-2017 graduation ceremonies.

·       Secretariat to the Deans’ committee, and Senate Board of examiners.

·       Head of the Automation, Records, & Certification department.



1.     Documented the Main Campus Information System framework and, trained support team to own key ICT installations. This has enabled the University lower the costs of post-implementation support and at the same time provided baseline data in developing comprehensive backup and recovery plans.

2.     Implemented a Student Information Management system to centralize academic operations across the five campuses

3.     Appointed in a team of three developers to implement a Digital Campus Learning Management System (Canvas – LMS) which was delivered within the stipulated 90 days – March 2016 to May 2016.

4.     Designed and implemented Quality Assessment and Evaluation tools for use in teaching and integrated the tools with the Student Information Management system.

5.     Implemented an Academic Registry dashboard on-top of existing Student management system to automate collection of statistics, and generation of final transcripts.

6.     Revised underlying processes involved, in registration, clearance and certification processes, thereby enhancing revenue collection and minimizing revenue loss.

Blue Shield Insurance Co. Ltd. : (Jan 2006 to April 2009)

ICT Officer & Claims Analyst

·       Provide operational support for ERP system to the underwriting, claims, and finance departments.

·       Collect, verify and assemble claims and premiums data required by different regulatory bodies (AKI, IRA) for actuarial studies and compliance purposes

·       Reconcile claims statistics (Claims intimated, claims paid, outstanding claims, loss ratios) for management’s decision making purposes and for preparation of annual audit.

·       Developed an automated procedure for preparation of periodical management accounting reports.

·       Design flexible queries for ad-hoc reporting and analysis. This involves structuring of accurate data queries that meet users’ & operational management requirements.

·       Facilitating the effective sharing and transfer of information to harness both formal and informal information sources for strategic advantage



1.     Implemented dashboard statistics for the ERP system by using CQS queries, enabling senior management to generate management reports at any given time.

2.     Reconciled all worksheets and responded to data queries from external auditors for the 2007, 2008, & 2009 financial statements on claims payments and reserves.

3.     Enforced use of workflows in processing of claims payments thereby establishing an audit trail of authorization process within the ERP system.


United Nations , UNON (Gigiri)  : 2005

ITS Intern

·       Maintaining computer software and hardware inventory records and databases.

·       Maintain warranties and IT service agreements records.

·       Performing hardware and software installations

·       Perform ICT help desk operations and offer user support services.


Office of the President, Immigration Department of Kenya, Nairobi : 2002

Systems Support / Trainee

·       Training staff in desktop applications.

·       Installation of operating systems, application programs, and other utility software.

·       Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting  of computer hardware

·       Development of internal website and setting up of web connectivity.