Dr. Patrick Kubai Kinyua  

Dr Kubai P.K.is a full time Lecturer, Researcher, Consultant and Innovator at Meru University of Science and Technology-MUST, He Teaches both Undergraduate and Post graduate students in School of Health Sciences and School of Engineering/Architecture Students}. Dr Kubai is the current Secretary to secretariat of Meru University Institutional Research and Ethics Committee, Coordinator Research, Collaborations, Enterprise/Extensions at RICE Directorate at MUST, Coordinator – Micro Research International MUST – SITE, Director – Micro Research International. PI – Miraa Research – Herbal/Pharmacological Extracts Lead Consultant on Development and implementations Health Sciences Curriculla for across Universities in Kenya. Final Dr Kubai is registered Member of COC Kenya.Specialist In Public Health, Health Promotion and International Health with Bias in Health Programs Evaluation.

  • Public Health 
  • One Health
  • Cancer
  • Herbal/Pharmacological Extracts
  • Evaluation of Health Programs
  • Public Health Genomics

MUSTIC 2023- Kenya, FGM – University of Nairobi Workshop at EMBU,

International Digital Story Telling Workshop at Mbarara University of Science and Technology-Uganda,

THE ADOLESCENTS & YOUNG PEOPLE HEALTH SYMPOSIUM – “Everyoneness as a key implementation pillar” at Las Vegas Hotel – Mbarara City – Uganda

  • Capital Services Corporation Ltd, UK – Donated Advanced Life Support Ambulance to MUST-Kenya
  • Ministry of Agriculture to Support Miraa Farmers
  • CoC in Training of Clinical Officer
  • KEBS to Develop Miraa Standards

Health Program in Local Media Station Meru TV – Demystifying Medicine for Healthy Populations

  • Communicable and Non communicable Diseases
  • Disaster Management
  • Occupation Health and Safety Human Physiology
  • Research Methods
  • Health Promotion and International Health
  • Health Systems Management Primary Health Care
  • Clinical Methods and First Aid and Emergency Response.

Clinical Officers Council Kenya Clinical officers Association Anesthetist Association of Kenya Public Health Association of Africa