Dr. Zac Chiliswa     

Dr. Zac is a media and peace practitioner with over ten years of journalism, research, and development work experience. His areas of research interest include media and communication, peacebuilding, and public policy. Zac has provided effective communication and intervention expertise to the leadership of non-governmental organisations across Africa through various faith-based networks. He has managed international projects and supervised teams of project officers in the development and implementation of regional advocacy initiatives through research and media advocacy on peacebuilding and social justice; served as a capacity building consultant in media and peace for the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (AMECEA) (2022); and designed and commissioned a variety of national and regional surveys in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Zac holds a Ph.D. in Media and Politics, The University of Leeds, United Kingdom (2021); an M.A. in International Politics and Security Studies, the University of Bradford, United Kingdom (2017); an M.A. in Communication Studies, the University of Nairobi, Kenya (2011); a B.A. in Philosophy, the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya (2007); and a Diploma in Journalism from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, Kenya (2006).

  1. Media
  2. Culture and Politics
  3. Political communication
  4. Technology and Society
  5. Media and International Politics
  6. Peace Activism
  1. Presented a research paper at UNESCO Regional Conference – “Governance of Diversity: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development and Peaceful Coexistence in Africa” Accra, Ghana, Oct. 10 -11, 2019;
  2. Presented a research paper at an academic workshop – “Living in the age of convergences, affect, and affordances”, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Dec. 9-10, 2019;
  3. Roundtable panelist at an international academic workshop – Participatory war and peace: How social media reshape public engagement in conflict, University of Sheffield, July 6, 2023.
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Health Communication; Audio Production and Editing

Rotary Peace Fellow, 2015