Ms. Priscila R.Mwamukui

Adjunct Lecturer

Priscila R. Mwamukui is an ambitious Kenyan educator with a profound knowledge in teaching. She holds a Master of Arts in literature from Kenyatta University, a bachelor degree in English Literature from the University of Nairobi, majoring in literature and a Diploma in Education Management from Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI). She is currently a part time literature lecturer at Meru University of Science and Technology. Her duties at the university includes but not limited to: Preparing lecture notes and other teaching materials, coordinating tests and individual and group assignments, maintaining class attendance record for each class period, assessing students’ assignment and grading students’ performance, setting exams and marking schemes, supervising students’ exams and any other duties assigned.
Before joining the TSC, Priscila taught St. Marys’ Secretarial College as an untrained technical teacher for seven years where she imparted Business English, Office Management, Shorthand, Typewriting and other secretarial duties and skills to the learners. She was also instrumental in assessing students on work attachment in different government and NGO’s offices in different parts of the country. She has practical experience and expertise in secretarial studies. She is a secondary school teacher where she heads the Languages Department. Priscila is result oriented and an ardent believer in hard work. Her pursuit of excellence has seen her publish several articles and is also pursuing a PhD in literature. Her self-drive has seen her mark KCSE Paper Three for several years.
She is a student and a teacher of literature because to her, literature is not only a vocation but also a conviction. Her research interest is in Oral Literature, Cultural Studies and Gender Issues. Her desire to achieve the best in her career and other pursuits is her self-drive. Priscila is currently working on an article ‘Child Headed Families and its Impact on Education within the Turkana Community in Isiolo County’, Kenya. Hers is a call to readership. She has a desire to model young people not only to achieve academic excellence but also to articulate issues that enhance the gains in education such as integrity, service, fairness and love. Priscila likes reading, doing research work and watching educational programs.


  1. Published an article V.1 No 4 (2020) Titled ‘Effectiveness of Character and Style in Communicating Myths of Origin’: A Critical Analysis of Tigania Community of Kenya. RJAH hhttps:1/
  2. Published an article: Nairobi Journal of Humanities (2020) titled ‘ Tenets of Myths of Origin in the Tigania Community Ongoing ‘Practices of Memorialization: A Deconstruction of the Poetics of Memorial Products”.