Prof.  Joshua Arimi


Prof. Joshua Arimi is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Food Science at Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST), Kenya. Prof. Arimi received his MSc in Post-harvest and Food Preservation Engineering from Katholieke University Leuven, Belgium, M. Agr. Sci from UCD, Dublin, and PhD in Food science from the University College Dublin, Ireland. After his PhD he worked as Postdoctoral Researcher in UCD. Later he moved to Kenya Methodist University as Senior lecturer before joining MUST. His primary research interests relate to novel food processing and preservation technologies. A particular focus of his current research relates to the investigation of therapeutic and nutritional benefits of camel milk and meat. Prof. Arimi’s scientific outputs include over 15 peer-reviewed papers and15 conference papers.

  1. Odhiambo, R. J.M. Maitethia D., Beatrice, O. (2020). Water in a nexus with Agriculture. FunderO OKP NUFFIC.
  2. Arimi J.M-PI, Guyo, H. Thiakunu, F. Musalia L. (2020). VCS-Cafeme- Validation of climate smart camel feeds and meat value chains for improving pastoralists livelihood. Funder: KCSAP-KALRO/WORLD BANK.
  3. Arimi J.M-PI., Guyo, H. Marete, E. Musalia L., Maina, F. (2020). Development of Value Added Camel Milk Products to Enhance Food Security in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas of Northern Kenya. Funder: NRF
  4. Arimi, J.M. PI (2019): Development of a complete meal from underutilised indigenous foods. Funder: 6TH MUST RESEARCH CALL
  5. Muriuki, E. and Arimi, J.M. Co PI (2018): Use of Mobile Health (mHealth) Technology to introduce nutrition at early child development in Kenya. Funder:5TH MUST RESEARCH CALL

Arimi, J.M. Method of making chew gum from Catha edulis. Patent no. KE/P/2019/3327

Arimi, J.M. and Dr Maria Jose Oruna-Concha. Global Challenge Research Fund Networking Grant Round 7. on “Improving food security in Arid and Semi-Arid (ASAL) regions of Northern Kenya through transformation of the camel milk supply chain”. £17025

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