Dr. Taitumu Kubai James

Adjunct Lecturer

Dr. James Taitumu Kubai was born in 1955 in Mutuati Sub-County in Igembe North of Meru County, Kenya. He attended Kathanga Primary School for his Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) in 1972; Igembe Secondary School for his East African Certificate of Education (EACE-“O” Levels) in 1976; Strathmore College for East African Advanced Level of Education (EAACE- “A” levels) in 1978. He holds a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Arts, 2nd Cass Honors Upper Division (Chemistry; Physical Education and Sports) from University of Nairobi (Kenyatta University College) in 1983; Master of Education (M.Ed) degree from Kenyatta University  specializing in Physical Education and Sports management in 1993; Thesis “An Investigation into Factors associated with Low Performance in Sprints by Male Kenya Athletes in International Competitions” and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Leadership and Education Management from Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) in 2021; Thesis “ Nexus Between University Education and Students’ Elite Sports Talent Development in Selected Universities in Kenya”.

After Bachelor of Education degree, he was granted Graduate Teaching Assistantship in the Department of Physical and Games at Kenyatta University College in 1984; promoted to the position of a Games Tutor in 1986 and then to Senior Games Tutor in 1995 and Acting Director of Sports and Games. In 2001 Dr Taitumu Kubai joined Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) during its formative stages as the founder Dean of students where he continued to hold overlapping roles as Chairman of Education and Counseling Department (2005-2011), Founder and Coordinator of school Based Programs (KeMU) 2004-2011; Director, School Based Programs (2011-2013); Dean of Students and Students Recruitment (2010-2016) and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education (April 2016-June 2017) while registered in the PhD program from 2014-2021. Dr Taitumu Kubai, Currently is an Adjunct Lecturer at Meru University of Science and Technology in the Department of Education (Arts) to support the establishment of Physical Education Program and mentor both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the School of Education. 

Dr. Taitumu Kubai is a pioneer in the establishment of revenue generating School Based Programs in Education among the private universities; a specialist in the development of university curriculum in Education and an expert in Physical Education and Sport Science. He is an International Instructor in Coaching of Volleyball and Athletics.

Research interest; Streamlining the Nexus between Students’ Sports Talent Identification and Development with the University Education in line with the Competency Based Curriculum,   Sports Talent innovation and Development Centers and the Impact of Miraa on Education of Boy Child in Igembe Sub-Counties of Meru County in Kenya.

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